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Moon sign and Birth Star

In the Hindu System of Astrology, the Asterism, in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth has  great significance. The term Janma Nakshatra (Asterism of Birth) is actually the position of moon in the particular Asterism at the time of birth. We take the longitude and latitude of  your place of birth, and time of  birth to calculate the position of moon at the time of your birth.

So please be specific when you provide the place of birth and time of birth. Once we know the position of moon we use this special table to determine your birth star.

If you know your time of birth, date and place of birth, and want to know your star, Please fill out this form We will let you know your birth star for free.

If you want the simple way and you do not know your place and time of birth, click here. You can still find it, using your first name.

Please enter the following data to know your birth star

if you do not know the Longitude and Latitude of your birth place, please get them from
Enter your country and place of birth and map your place. On left top of the map you can see the latitude and longitude of your place. Click them to see more details. In case you do not get the map of your birth place, please enter the nearest big town to get the latitude and longitude.

You can also get these details from  World Atlas
For e.g. You were born in Boston, MA enter that and the result will be given as [Boston, MA (US): 42n22, 71w04, Massachusetts].
In the above 42North22 is Latitude and 71West04 is the Longitude. Please enter the information here and proceed.

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