Sumuhurthams (Auspicious time)

In the Hindu culture it is very important to do any event in a specific Sumuhurtha. Let it be a marriage, house warming or your sons thread ceremony or starting of a new business. Guruji will look at the data provided by you and will fix a suitable Sumuhurtha which will be correct for your family and you depending on the place you live. Please provide the information required for this. For faster access please always try to provide an Email address. Please do not forget to send the check for US $30.00 payable to sri Ramachandra Rao Turaga.

All the data you have entered is highly confidential and it will never be disclosed to any third party.

For Auspicious Time

US $30.00
UK 18.00
Canada $45.00
INR Rs.1000.00

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What you will get

The perfect data and time for your function
Extra suggestion for what puja you should do on that day


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