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Please enter your details along with your questions (Prasnas). We will prepare your horoscope with in a week and will mail it to the address you specify. Guruji will specially analyze your horoscope (Jataka chakra) for the questions you have asked and will prepare a detailed answer and the remedial procedures you should follow .You can receive this information via Email or regular Mail. Please specify the method you want from the drop down list box. For faster service we recommend Email. You can receive this information as soon as you mail the check  for the amount given bellow payable to "Sai Sree Vedic Astrology Center" .

All the data you have entered is highly confidential and it will never be disclosed to any third party.

For Vedic Horoscope with answers to your questions.

US$ $40.00
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INR Rs.1200.00

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