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In the Hindu System of Astrology, the Asterism, in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth is of great significance. The term Janma Nakshatra(Asterism of Birth) is actually the position of Moon in the particular Asterism at the time of birth and is called Birth Star which can be known in the following  Prakruthi kundali as called Rasi and Navamsa kundalies  ...you should know exact date of Birth, time of Birth,and place of Birth for calculating and knowing  your Birth star with particular padam as shown in this model Horoscope.

In the following 12 signs or divisions [called houses] of the zodiac, all the 9 planets [including the 2 shadow planets called Rahu & Ketu] are rotating forever. Each Rasi or House is sub divided into 9 parts according to the occupation of these planets in 9 padams of certain stars i.e Nakshatras [Asterisms].So totally  12 houses * 9  = 108 sub divisions.There are  totally 27 stars as called Nakshatrams[Asterisms]..Each star has 4 padams or divisions. Thus there are totally 27 *4 = 108 padams for all these stars or Nakshatrams.As there are12 Rasies as called Houses of the ZODIAC, all the above Nakshatra padams of 108 numbers are classified at a rate of  9 subdivisions to represent each Rasi or House as mentioned in the inception. These are otherwise called   NAVAMSA - CHAKRA , while the ZODIAC is called AMSA CHAKRA as shown below.

Hence all the 9 planets  as called 1..RaviI[Sun]  2. Chandra[Moon]  3 Kuja [Mars]   4. Budha[ Mercury]  5 Guru [Jupiter] 6 . Sukra [Venus] 7 Sani[Saturn]  8 Rahu & 9. Kethu are rotating regularly forever, moving from one subdivision of the ZODIAC to other in cyclic order covering all the 108 subdivisions[ NAVAMSALU] as mentioned above.The location of the planets in each NAKSHATRA  division is fixed universally with reference to the longitude and latitude of the place of Birth and according to the tables called  EPHEMERIS.As per HINDU ASTROLOGY, the Human-Being's longevity is estimated as 120  years and the same is distributed to represent and ruled by certain planets for each spell of a certain period which is called as MAHA DASA. The particulars of the total LIFE- SPAN of an individual with the  details of MAHADASA  with the Ruling planet and the connected NAKSHATRAMS  are furnished below for your reference.....

Kruthika Uttara Uttarashada RAVI[SUN] 6 YEARS
Rohini Hastha Sravanam CHANDRA[MOON] 10 YEARS
Mrugasira Chitra orChitta Dhanishta KUJA[MARS] 7 YEARS
Arudra Swathi Satabhisham RAHUVU[RAAHU] 18 YEARS
Punarvasu Visakha Purvaabhadra GURUDU[JUPITER] 16 YEARS
Pushymi Anuradha Utharabhadra SANI[ SATURN] 19 YEARS
Aslesha or Asresha Jyeashtta Revathi BUDHUDU [MERCURY] 17 YEARS
Makha Moola Aswani KETHUVU[KEETU] 7 YEARS
Pubba or Purvaphalghuni Puurvashada Bharani SUKRUDU[VENUS] 20 YEARS


                                                                   TOTAL LIFE-PERIOD  =  120 YEARS.           

According to the particulars briefly furnished above, the  Horoscope of the Human being is  prepared by the above system of HINDU ASTROLOGY which will determine the above periods of  Maha dasas  and Anther dasas,Vidasas,Sukshma dasas,Pranadasas and Jeeva dasas. .[ Internal Periods]  .By this method, the Human life from its commencement till its end is estimated by an Astrologer with details of Events of both good and bad as per the above periods . During the above periods and, sub periods.,the Human being,  has to undergo either good or bad results showered by such planets which rule  that particular individual depending on their location in the houses of such natives of  Horoscope.By estimating the potentialities of each planet on each human requirement (as called Bhava) & on the original set up of the Horoscope as well as on the rotating planetary position (as called Transit or Gocharam), the future of the native of the Horoscope is being Judged, Predicted  & remedial measures suggested by the Hindu Astrologer.

                                                   By following this method of Hindu Astrology,instead of not knowing anything about one's life, it is far better to know something about these SECRETS OF LIFE as above to change our lives for betterment, Since it is believed strongly that the HINDU ASTROLOGY can change the destiny or fate to certain extent.Hence the visitors are requested to utilize this opportunity & change their lives for betterment.


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While naming of your newborns with suitable name according to Astrology, you are advised to identify and adopt the Birth Star with relevant padam as per the Time of Birth,Date of Birth &Place of Birth referring to any PANCHANGAM OR ALMANAK of the local place, or Simply let us know the above details .we will let you know your newborn's birth star for free. Later, you have to adopt the exactly corresponding first letter of that of the Birth star to your new Born as per the table given below. By adopting this method ,you  will be doing lot of good to your newborns for their future in all respects..

If you already know your Birth star, you can first identify to which Birth Sign you belong to in the table furnished below and find out your Results of future for the present year FREELY, by just clicking on the relavent picture, which is given according to the transit of the planets [i.e. movement of planets].

RASI (Moon Sign)

Stars that belongs to the moon sign



Aswani 4 padams ,Bharani 4 padams , & kruthika 1st padam.

Taurus  (Vrushabha)

Kruhtika 2nd , 3rd ,& 4th ,Rohini 4 padams ,Mrugasira 1st & 2nd padams


Mrugasira 3rd & 4th ,Arudhra 4 padams , Punarvasu 1st,2nd ,& 3rd padams

Cancer (Karkataka or Kataka)

Punarvasu 4th padam,Pushami 4 padams, Asresha or Aslesha 4 padams.

Leo (Simha)

Makha 4 padams ,Pubha or Purva phalguni 4 padams ,& Uttara or Uttara Phalguni 1st padam .


Uttara or Uttara Phalguni 2nd 3rd & 4th padams ,Hastha 4 padams & Chitta or Chitra 1st & 2nd padams

Libra (Tula)

Chitta or Chitra 3rd & 4th padams ,Swathi 4 padams & Visakha 1st,2nd,& 3rd padams.


Visakha 4th padam ,Anuradha 4 padams , & Jyeshta 4 padams

Sagittarius (Dhanur)

Moola 4 padams , Purvashada 4 padams , & Uttarashada 1st padam

Capricorn (Makara)

Uttarashada 2nd, 3rd & 4th padams , Sravanam 4 padams, & Dhanishta 1st & 2nd padams

  Aquarius( Kunbha)


Dhanishta 3rd  & 4th padams , Satabhisham 4 padams & Purva Bhadra 1st, 2nd , & 3rd padams

Pisces ( Meena)

Purva Bhadra 4th padam , Uttara Bhadra 4 Padams & Revathi 4 padams


If you do not know your Birth star,  You can still see your results  of this year 1999-2000 using the first letter of your first name,by just clicking below.